InQuest Flash Alerts

Posted on 2020-09-02 by William MacArthur
In this Flash Alert, we examine a single instance of over 1000 related samples of malicious document carriers that deliver QBot. We hope that this break down of some characteristics helps with mitigation efforts.
Posted on 2020-07-14 by Josiah Smith
Fig 1. Graphical Lure Low Detection:
Posted on 2020-07-12 by Pedram Amini
Remcos: R0lls R0yce Sighting
Posted on 2020-06-08 by William MacArthur
Dridex XLS maldocs with an updated Fancy Image Lure. InQuest Score
Posted on 2020-05-18 by William MacArthur
XLS Zloader Documents still getting 0's "Doughnuts" from AV Detection on VirusTotal: Zloader XLS maldocs with an updated Image Lure has emerged!