When it comes to stopping the latest and most dangerous cybersecurity threats, your team needs one thing above all else: powerful threat intelligence. Leverage our curated InSights feed to stay on top of the newest IOCs from our proprietary intelligence and Command and Control (C2) information.

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Know the Bad Guys’ Playbook Better Than They Do

Your SOC Team needs to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. That means determining their tactics and techniques before it’s too late.

Neutralize threats before they hit the headlines

You’ll get proven early warning notifications, continuous threat hunting, and strategic integrations so your team can detect and mitigate threats at lightning speed.

Identify potential threats before the rest of the cybersecurity community

You need to be prepared to mitigate emerging threats and our InSights will help you get there.

Curated Data

Gain access to the most complete dataset anywhere, aggregated and curated from an array of public, private, and internal sources.

Early Warning Indicators

Receive the earliest possible threat indicators with our round the clock updates.

IOC Lead Time

Unmatched lead times on our proprietary Indicators of Attack and Compromise give you a head start on implementing necessary countermeasures.

Threat Actor Tracking

Threat Actor Tracking lets you identify and track threat actor groups, their tactics, and techniques so you can proactively identify new threats specific to your organization or industry.

Cybercriminals want your SOC teams overworked and under-equipped

Attackers thrive on the fact that overworked and under-equipped SOC teams are more susceptible to missing key events of interest. They want your security personnel exhausted and mired in the daily grind.

Give your SOC team the intelligence they need to maximize their potential

If your SOC team isn’t working with the best tools and information available, they are fighting with one hand tied behind their back.

The Intelligence Grind: Automated

If your SOC team is stressed, exhausted, and strung out, they are fighting with one eye closed.

Now you can eliminate the exhausting tasks of gathering and processing intelligence data by leveraging our InSights feeds.

  • Continuously ingest and analyze information from various internal and external sources to provide the most up-to-date and actionable insights possible. 
  • Eliminate duplicate information, curate, and parse data for accuracy and relevance.
  • Focus on what you love: stopping the next breach before it occurs.

Cybercriminals want your SOC team working alone

InQuest is here to work with your team, to make them stronger, faster, and better at what they do.

Support Your Analysts

Augment your staff with one of our dedicated or part-time analysts. They’ll help you identify and bridge any gaps in your current operations whether it’s related to personnel, process, or tools. Together we’ll identify the best ways for your team to put our Threat Intelligence feeds to work.

Enhance Your Processes

Enhance your analytical processes by harnessing our intelligent automation, seamless data orchestration, and strategic integrations to maximize efficiency.

Augment Your Data

Increase data visibility, accessibility, and useability. We’ll help you connect the dots, and draw actionable conclusions so you can make smarter decisions.

Strengthen Your Tools

Once you put an end to “alert fatigue”, your team will be able to put the tools you already use to their greatest possible utility. Eliminate slow, manual, tedious analytical tasks so your team can use their tools on true, high-priority threats.

Empower Your People

Free your people from monotony and burnout. Let them get back to the threat hunting they love. Our solutions will free them from the grind, and our real-world experience will let them find the tools, skills, and answers they need no matter what the ever-shifting future of cybersecurity throws at them.

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InQuest InSights

Give your SOC team the threat intelligence they need to stop malicious activity in its tracks. Keep your analysts connected, informed, and energized so they can stay ready for any threat.