ROI Calculators

Get a preview of the time and cost savings our product offerings can provide to your organization. From visualizing analyst hours saved to determining the return on your security investment, these calculators will help you quantify the benefits of working with InQuest.

Learn how InQuest can help your team go from a daily deficit of analyst hours to a daily surplus as we reduce both the number of files needing to be analyzed and the time it takes to analyze them.

See the effect on your efficiency as InQuest reduces the number of false positive reviews your team needs to conduct.

Visualize how much time your email administrators can save as InQuest reduces the number of emails that need to be reviewed and the amount of time it takes to review them.

See the amount of time your organization will save when your users are freed from time-wasting spam.

Calculate your Annual Loss Expectancy and learn what sort of return you can expect when you invest in InQuest.