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Unparalleled Partnership

When you partner with InQuest, you gain access to a collection of tools, services, and solutions that will significantly enhance your service offerings and ultimately your customers’ enterprise defenses. We offer both Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Managed Security Service Provider utility. With our MDR and MSSP solutions, you’ll have InQuest at your side, working to ensure you have a comprehensive security offering to protect your customers, their data, and their brand.

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You want to safeguard businesses from ever-increasing cybersecurity threats.

Tools built for the Department of Defense let you offer unquestionable protection to your customers.

Cybersecurity threats are only growing more powerful. With InQuest by your side, you’ll have everything you need to traverse the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. Leverage our expertise, flexibility, and unmatched real-world experience to drive additional revenue and customer satisfaction.

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We’ll equip you with the tools and resources you need to stay ahead of adversaries and fortify your reputation for client protection. Our technologies were developed for the most attacked environments in the world, and now that strength is yours to wield.


Our pedigree becomes your pedigree. With our comprehensive suite of solutions and our unrivaled security technology, you can confidently protect your customers, no matter what cybercriminals throw at their network.

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MSSP solutions let you deliver unmatched utility to your customers.

Bespoke threat intelligence, analysis, and curation let you provide your customers with flexibility and power.

Draw on continuously updated threat intelligence feeds from organizations and cybersecurity communities around the world. Stay weeks to months ahead of competitors with InQuest’s comprehensive threat intelligence collection and dissemination. Deliver indicators with rich metadata and actionable context to accelerate service delivery.


Your clients are worried and overworked. Ease their security grind with curated intel tailored to their environment and automated analysis. Build service offerings around our customizable analysis and reporting features so they can maximize their protection, and minimize their worry.


Deliver the value your clients want and need. You’ll free them from the impromptu, and demonstrate your mastery of the cybersecurity landscape. Give them all of the signal, none of the noise.

MDR solutions give your customers unrivaled value.

Reduce costs, enhance experiences, and maximize return on investment with virtual analysts and automation.

Show your customers they are getting way more than what they pay for. Aside from our unmatched technology, you’ll be able to offer your customers a suite of security tools that let them get more out of each dollar they spend.

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Help your customers reduce the time and money they spend on menial, low-value security tasks with our suite of automation features. You’ll help them unlock value they never thought possible.


Reduce your customers’ analysis costs with our virtual analysts. You’ll help them streamline operations, reduce costs, and maximize their productivity by reclaiming time and resources that were spent on manual tasks.

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You want to differentiate and elevate your business.

Our File Detection and Response solution gives you an untouchable advantage.

Developed to protect the most targeted environments in the world, our File Detection and Response (FDR) product, FileTAC, is at the core of our security platform. It digs deeper and uncovers more malicious code than any other file-centric analytical solution on the market today.


Files are the single most frequent vector of attack. With the power of FileTAC in hand, you can position your service as the file-borne attack defense. By tackling the problem where it lives, you define yourself as a truly focused, disciplined, and efficient security partner.


FileTAC was developed for use in the Department of Defense. Now that power belongs to you. Bring unsurpassed file and network analytics to your offerings and help your customers find the threats that everyone else will miss.

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We can help.

We’re here to help you reach your cybersecurity goals. We understand the threats your customers face, and we understand your desire to protect them.

With InQuest at your side, and our suite of security tools at your disposal, you’ll be ready to give your customers the safety and security they need.

Don’t wait another moment. Elevate your business today.