Breaking The Chain

When cybercriminals initiate a phishing campaign against your organization, they generally follow a specific pattern of behavior known as the attack chain.

InQuest built the MailTAC product offering with this in mind. With our tools in hand, your SOC team will have everything it needs to break the attack at any point in the chain.

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The Phishing Chain of Attack

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Threat actors gather information about their intended targets long before they engage with them. They gather information from publicly available sources to build an attack model based on your organization’s structure, personal profiles, and partnerships.

Phishing Email Spoofing

Email Spoofing

Criminals send fraudulent emails while disguised as a different sender–one chosen as a trusted relationship from the information gathered in the reconnaissance phase.

Phishing Baiting


Rewards, punishments, and calls for urgency or secrecy are used to trick targets within your organization to click malicious links, open infected attachments, or divulge sensitive information.

Phishing Baiting

Payload Delivery

The result of a successful “baiting,” an end user on your network has clicked a malicious link or opened an infected file, and malicious code is now running within your corporate environment.

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Criminals use the power gained from the initially delivered payload to gain a foothold in your environment, then look to move laterally and gain additional access to privileged accounts and information executing further instances of malicious code along the way.

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Data Exfiltration or Financial Fraud

The attacker now actively steals valuable or sensitive information from your organization’s network or initiates fraudulent financial transactions.

InQuest’s Solutions Break the Chain

Threat Intelligence

Reconnaissance & Baiting

Our Threat Intelligence solution, InSights, automates the work of staying ahead of cybercriminals. InSights draws from internal research, public disclosures, and private threat data exchanges to collect, analyze and curate raw data into actionable indicators of attack and compromise well ahead of our competitors.

That means as criminals begin their reconnaissance work, they unknowingly leave a trail of breadcrumbs that our solutions are ready to detect the moment they try to interact with your organization’s network.

Email Security

Spoofing & Baiting

Our Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) solution, MailTAC, seamlessly integrates with your existing cloud email provider to protect against a wide variety of attacks. Utilizing the highest fidelity data from both human research and machine learning, MailTAC continuously inspects emails across your enterprise.

Our solution draws on our Threat Intelligence to identify emails from known threat actors, behavioral cues, or other emerging tactics. It also keeps your end user informed and educated by decorating emails with banners that signify potential threat levels or present the user with a pause-and-check style decoration to discourage the mindless clicking of baited emails.

File Detection and Response

Link/Attachment Execution and Payload Delivery

InQuest offers an unmatched ability to peer deep within the files that traverse your network with FileTAC, powered by our Deep File Inspection technology. When files cross your enterprise, FileTAC will let you dissect that file and unravel the layers of obfuscation used by threat actors.

That means the malicious payload is discovered and dealt with long before it can be delivered to its target.

Network Threat Analytics

Exploitation, Data Exfiltration, Financial Fraud

Through high-performance network analysis, session analysis, breach detection, and Deep File Inspection, InQuest can help your SOC team identify exploitation techniques, data exfiltration attempts, and protect against financial fraud by continuously monitoring the network for anomalous behavior—all in real-time.

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Break The Phishing Attack Chain With InQuest

With InQuest on your side, you will have the best intel, the strongest analysis, and the fastest response possible when a phishing attack occurs. We understand the intricacies of the phishing attack chain and have solutions to break every link in that chain. Give your team the tools they need to keep your data, your organization, and your people safe.