If it can be opened, it can harbor an attack.

Attackers can hide a threat in nearly any part of a file, from content to metadata. You need a security solution designed to uncover threats, no matter where they hide. FileTAC, powered by our Deep File Inspection® (DFI) technology, is that solution.

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Common security solutions don’t dig deep enough

Email service providers only scan attachments at the most superficial level and for the most obvious threats, but attackers are getting more sophisticated at hiding malicious code. FileTAC scans deeper and exposes more file-borne attacks than any other solution.

Common security solutions can’t learn

Many security solutions are dependent on receiving constant updates and rely on broader public dissemination before they are capable of identifying emerging threats. FileTAC leverages machine learning and advanced analytical algorithms to empower you to hunt for publicly unknown threats, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Common security solutions can’t time travel

Most security solutions only analyze files when they initially enter your environment, but files containing malicious code can go undetected when first delivered leaving your systems and users exposed to compromise. With our RetroHunt® technology, previously delivered files are retrospectively analyzed leveraging the latest threat intelligence information to ensure even the most evasive malware is identified post-delivery.

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Close the Security Gap

Other security solutions leave you vulnerable to file-borne attacks. Close that security gap with our Deep File Inspection technology so your users can communicate easily and share files without fear.

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Never Miss a Beat

  • Automated analysis: FileTAC automates the analysis work, saving your SOC team time and money.
  • Lightning fast: Unlike lengthy sandbox execution or behavioral monitoring, FileTAC completes its analysis in seconds.
  • Real-time threat identification: Protect against ongoing attacks. FileTAC’s real-time analytics allow for the rapid discovery and classification of threats.
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Never Stop Learning

  • Machine learning: FileTAC uses machine learning to adapt to the ever-shifting cybersecurity landscape and uncover previously unknown threats.
  • Cloud-based intelligence sets: By leveraging from a range of sources such as threat intelligence feeds, reputation services, and global security events, we stay ahead of emerging tactics.
  • Community collaboration: InQuest is deeply involved with the cybersecurity community via open-source contributions, research collaborations, publications, and thought leadership. The discoveries and advancements made here fuel our effectiveness, and empower your SOC team with the latest, most actionable intel.
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Stay Proactive

  • Advanced threat protection: With the data our Deep File Inspection technology provides, SOCs gain the tools and visibility they need to stay proactive in the hunt for hidden threats.
  • Rapid analysis and response: The faster your SOC team receives intelligence on emerging threats, the quicker it can respond with mitigating countermeasures. With FileTAC, analysis takes seconds so your team can go on the offensive in a heartbeat.
  • Comprehensive insights: Our unmatched depth of analysis arms your SOC team with the information it needs to dive into threat analysis, uncover hidden indicators of compromise, and extract valuable insights, so they can defuse the threat before it has a chance to wreak havoc on your systems
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InQuest FileTAC

Dig deeper, learn more, and give your SOC team the tools they need to go on the offensive. Our Deep File Inspection technology will give your team everything they need to stop file-borne threats in their tracks.