Defend Against Constant Cyber Threats

Government agencies face cybersecurity challenges unlike any other organizations. The ever evolving threat landscape for these institutions demands unwavering vigilance and defensive strength in the face of the most relentless, well-funded attacks in the world. As a governmental organization, you must find a way to protect sensitive information and defend against any and all adversaries, while maintaining public trust and adhering to regulatory and budgetary constraints.

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At InQuest, we have a pedigree that uniquely positions us to help your secure your agency.

Tasked with closing security gaps within the Department of Defense, we were born within governmental agencies and understand the challenges they face better than anyone.

From countering nation-state threat actors to preserving public trust by preventing data exfiltration, we have the experience and the tools to help your agency achieve the highest security standards.

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Shifting geopolitical motivations make predicting future attacks impossible.

Today’s ally can become tomorrow’s enemy. Attempting to monitor, track, and predict the ever-shifting geopolitical landscape is overwhelming for an agency of any size. When it comes to cybersecurity, InQuest will help you stay ready for anything.

Our Deep File Inspection technology was developed specifically for government use.

Our revolutionary Deep File Inspection (DFI) technology allows you to defend against the single most common attack vector: files. Our product FileTAC, powered by DFI, will enable your security team to see deeper into the files that cross your enterprise, so you can uncover hidden layers of malicious code and keep your users secure.

We developed our DFI technology while addressing critical security gaps at the Department of Defense. We helped the DoD close its security gaps and strengthen its defensive posture, and we can do the same for you. Don’t let the shifting geopolitical landscape destabilize your defensive posture. Arm your security team with the power of our FileTAC platform.

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Nation-state attacks are too well-funded and sophisticated for traditional cybersecurity measures.

When the attack comes from more than the run-of-the-mill cybercriminal, you need more than run-of-the-mill security solutions. Nation-state attacks are often part of a larger military, political, or economic strategy. They possess an extraordinary amount of manpower and financial backing. To combat a nation-state attack, your agency needs extraordinary resources as well.

Leverage our unparalleled Threat Intelligence.

With our comprehensive Threat Intelligence product, InSights, your security team will have an enormous pool of threat intelligence data, continuously updated and drawn from numerous open source and proprietary sources. We gather and curate that information to give your team the most pertinent, actionable intel about your adversaries, their tactics, techniques, tools, and procedures.

No matter how well-funded or how well-trained the adversaries may be, your security team will have what they need to stay ahead of the attack.

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State-backed threat actors can wage relentless, prolonged attacks that overwhelm government cybersecurity teams.

Sophisticated, coordinated attacks are bad enough. But when these attacks are backed by the resources of a hostile nation state, you need a solution that goes far beyond traditional security measures.

These attacks often evolve into Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) that put your agency’s defense under a constant and demanding siege. They seek to overwhelm and exhaust your defensive capabilities and their goal is to push your security team to its breaking point.

Free up valuable resources with our Network Threat Analytics.

With our Network Threat Analytics solution, NetTAC, your security team no longer has to worry about the grueling, resource-consuming nature of these attacks.

By leveraging high performance network analysis, breach detection, and Deep File Inspection, NetTAC gives your security team continuous, real-time monitoring so your team can stay proactive without added effort.

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Government agencies can be attacked from both outside and inside their organization.

It’s not enough to just stop threats coming in from outside of your agency. There could already be malicious code lying in wait within your agency’s environment or worse, there may be threat actors already operating inside your enterprise. You need a solution that helps your team hunt for threats, whether new to your environment or already embedded deep within.

FileTAC finds suspicious files, no matter where they might hide.

InQuest’s FileTAC solution gives your security team the tools to detect and mitigate the delivery of malicious code. By analyzing the files that traverse your agency’s network with an unparalleled level of depth, your team will uncover attacks that traditional security measures miss.

FileTAC enables your team to hunt across historic artifacts previously captured by our platform with our proprietary RetroHunt technology. Using the most up-to-date intelligence available on emerging threats in the wild, your security team can retrospectively analyze historical data for previously unknown threats that gained undetected access to your environment in the past.

Whether the attack comes from the outside or within, FileTAC will empower your defenders to stop any file-borne threat in its tracks.

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Off-site collaboration and remote work create many avenues of attack for cybercriminals.

In a world of increasing collaboration and off-site work, opportunities for cyber criminals are greater than ever before. Staying ahead of email-based cyber attacks puts an enormous strain on both your security team and your end-users.

Automation eases the burden that off-site and remote work places on your SOC team.

Our Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES), MailTAC, lets your people get back to the work that matters most. We help your security personnel automatically ensure secure communications both within your agency and during off-site or remote collaboration.

Our cutting-edge, real-time email analysis uses our Deep File Inspection technology to expose even the most deeply-hidden attacks. Our solution will also help keep your end-users alert and educated with customizable email banners and decorations.

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Government agencies are under constant budget constraints. Unfortunately, that can leave them with little choice but to weaken their security posture. That’s why we developed our platform to maximize the security return on investment, not only with our offerings but with other security solutions already deployed within your environment.

We help you maximize your security investments.

Our solutions are specifically designed to give your team the most powerful threat-hunting tools, while reducing their daily operational grind. That means your team can spend less time dealing with low-priority, time-consuming tasks, and more time doing what they love: stopping the next breach before it occurs.

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InQuest: Your Trusted Cybersecurity Ally

We understand the challenges government agencies face because InQuest has been defending government agencies since inception. As your trusted cybersecurity partner, we’ll give your team the powerful tools they need to defend against the most sophisticated and persistent attacks in the world.

Let us help you protect your people and maximize your security return on investment.