Why InQuest®

End-users are targeted more than ever.

The frequency of cyberattacks has exploded since the pandemic and attacker evasion techniques are more sophisticated than ever before. Ransomware attacks alone doubled from 2020 to 2021. There is a constant threat to your email, web, cloud, and on-premise networks and traditional security measures are falling behind.

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By securing files,
we put people first.

At InQuest, our journey to security and protection has always been guided by our experience working with both the public and private sectors. And through it all, one thing has remained clear: We empower people.

Your people are your greatest asset and your greatest risk. They are under constant attack, which means they cannot reach their potential until they are fully protected.

Current solutions are too slow and consume too many resources. File Detection and Response is key.

Your end-users face the threat of attack with every file they encounter, but current detection and response solutions (XDR, NDR, EDR) are not designed to fully inspect these files. They move too slow, dig too shallow, and are too expensive to scale.

They slow your people down and strain their budgets.

File Detection and Response (FDR) is a whole new cybersecurity category key to filling the security gap left by XDR, NDR, and EDR. It is the most efficient, powerful, and practical way to get your people back up to speed, and ease the strain on their budgets.

Empower your SOC and your end-users to reach their potential.

You’ve already made major investments into protecting your people, but a gap remains: File-Based Attack. With our solutions, you not only close that gap, but you unlock serious value from the investments you’ve already made.

Our Technology:

  • Automates and simplifies the hunt for file-borne threats, stopping zero-day, n-day, data loss violations and more.
  • Curates raw data into powerful, actionable data to reduce your team’s fatigue and maximize their threat hunting effectiveness.
  • Integrates easily with existing security solutions so your team gets more out of each dollar you’ve already invested.
  • But most importantly, our solutions let your people work without worry so they can focus on what they love most: threat hunting.
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Protecting people fuels our dedication.

We work harder than anybody to stay ahead of the curve. We understand that cybersecurity is an ever-changing battlefield. Our security solutions are built to seamlessly protect data, whether it’s data-in-motion, data-at-rest, or data-in-use.

We’ve protected some of the most attacked networks in the world, both public and private. No matter the environment or industry, our dedication to protecting people will never waver.