Make email security seamless with user-friendly tools and automation, boosting adoption and minimizing user-driven risks.

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MailTAC, developed by InQuest, is an Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) solution that addresses the common shortcomings of traditional email security systems. It employs Deep File Inspection® (DFI) and real-time analysis to detect and prevent the most common types of email attacks faced by end-users​.

Unleash the power of integrated cloud email security (ICES).

By harnessing the power of our cutting-edge Deep File Inspection, Machine Learning, and Adaptive AI, you can easily scrutinize emails to detect and counter even the most sophisticated attacks:

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Email Account Takeover
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Impersonation
  • Graymail
  • Spam
  • Fraud

Gain complete visibility of what lurks across your organization’s emails so you can stop attacks in their tracks.

It’s time to close the security gap.

Google and Microsoft’s email services both leave a dangerous security gap that needs to be secured. Missing 19% and 11% of attacks respectively, these services are not protecting your people from the constant attacks they face.

Any email successfully delivered to your users can potentially contain or lead to a malicious threat. Don’t leave the security of your people or your business in the hands of these common email services.


Attacks missed by Google


Attacks missed by Microsoft

Cutting-Edge, Real-Time Email Analysis

Uncovering the dangers that lurk within email communications requires a more sophisticated, comprehensive approach than standard email service providers can supply. We go way beyond superficial scans with security solutions that let you:

Leverage our Deep File Inspection to swiftly dissect  emails and their attachments to reveal threats, even when malicious content is embedded within macros, scripts, applets, spreadsheet cells, or metadata.

Utilize advanced technologies such as Adaptive AI, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Computer Vision to automatically scrutinize every inbound and outbound email.

Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party solutions like MultiAV for multiscanning and Sandboxes for dynamic analysis.

Gain valuable insights through email header, body, and embedded link analysis so you can proactively defend against potential threats delivered to your users’ inboxes.

“Malware is largely distributed via email and often comes in the form of Microsoft Office documents. This makes sense when you consider that most of these documents now have the ability to run code on the client system, which is extremely useful if you’re an attacker.”

– 2023 Verizon DBIR

This powerful technology runs seamlessly in real-time with zero impact on user experience or delivery times.

Caution notification

Rich Enforcement Options

  • Pre-deliver analysis and automatic quarantine of suspicious and malicious emails
  • All emails are decorated with a clear and obvious awareness banner
  • Post-delivery analysis and automated remediation of historical emails when new intelligence identifies previously delivered attacks
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Seamless Integration

Our email security solution integrates seamlessly with your existing email infrastructure and workflow. 

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspace
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End-user Education Via Email Decorations

Integrate informative content and banners into emails to help your users stay on top of emerging threats and make informed decisions.

  • Real-time training and user awareness
  • Customizable according to preference, policies, and risk tolerance 
  • Automatically stripped from emails upon reply
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360 Degree Visibility

Cover both inbound and outbound email traffic with analytical capabilities that let you view your email system from all angles. Why just look at the emails your end-users send when you can monitor the whole enterprise?

  • Monitor inbound and outbound emails 
  • Monitor both pre- and post-delivery
  • Analyze and rewrite URLs within emails
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End-user Intelligence

Advanced Machine Learning models continuously adapt and evolve, incorporating end-user feedback to enhance detection and protection.

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InQuest MailTAC

Go deeper, learn faster, and be ready for any threat delivered via email. Whether the threat is hitting your enterprise for the first time, or has been hiding in your users’ inboxes undetected, our integrated email security solution has the tools you need to find it, uncover it, and stop it in its tracks.