In a Zero Trust world where compromises are assumed, our network analytics provides enterprise-wide situational awareness to identify compromises as they occur. Give your team an unparalleled ability to inspect and analyze network sessions across your organization.

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You know there is suspicious activity on your network, but your SOC team faces severe obstacles

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Identify and eradicate suspicious network activity with a smarter solution

Stay ahead of the cyberthreat arms race

With continuous updates, machine learning, and behavioral analysis, your team will not only see what’s happening across your enterprise, but they’ll also have the latest intelligence to identify emerging threats.

Gain powerful, actionable information

With advanced analytical techniques, incident response workflow, and the ability to retrospectively analyze historical artifacts as new IOCs, exploitation tactics, and vulnerabilities are discovered, NetTAC will empower your team with actionable intelligence that they can immediately put to work securing your organization.

Scale as your network grows

The workload of your SOC team doesn’t necessarily have to be relative to the growth of your organization or the increase of your network traffic. NetTAC automates complex threat hunting procedures and serves as a force multiplier to ensure your team doesn’t become inundated with alerts or mundane analytical tasks.

Reactive intrusion detection is no longer enough

Traditional signature-based intrusion detection tends to be reactive and relies too heavily on known, predefined patterns often evaded by sophisticated threat actors.  Relying solely on these detection methods compounds your team’s exhaustion and decreases their chance of detecting threats targeting your organization.


Our cutting-edge Network Threat Analytics is purpose-built to help your SOC team operate at peak efficiency by empowering them with the analytical tools and network visibility needed to identify emerging threats, breaches, and data exfiltration.

  • Detect and respond to cyber threats by leveraging advanced algorithms including supervised classifiers and unsupervised clusters to analyze vast amounts of data, uncover patterns, and generate valuable insights. 
  • Analyze past and present, inbound and outbound network traffic using patented Deep File Inspection, RetroHunting, and Machine Learning.
  • Automate complex threat hunting processes with predefined analytical workflows and incident triage.


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InQuest NetTAC

Let your team see more, learn more, and stop more suspicious activity. Empower your team with unmatched analytical capabilities so they can identify and respond to suspicious activity across your network, no matter what form the threat might take.