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Ease The SOC Grind With InQuest

Cybercriminal tactics grow more sophisticated each day. That puts an ever-growing burden on your SOC team. Your team needs to stay ahead of the game with the latest intel and tools from the cybersecurity community, but they are often mired in the daily grind of dealing with the file-borne threats already targeting your organization. That’s why they call it the SOC Grind.

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By leveraging our advanced Deep File Inspection (DFI) technology through FileTAC, SOC analysts can quickly identify and mitigate potential threats, saving valuable time and ensuring a proactive defense posture.

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Minimize false positives and “alert fatigue”

We understand the frustration and drain of dealing with a barrage of false positives. That’s why we designed and built our solutions from the ground up to minimize false positives so your SOC team can focus on genuine threats.

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Accelerate investigation and remediation

By automatically extracting and analyzing critical indicators of compromise (IOCs), our solutions enable SOC teams to expedite their response, minimizing the impact of security incidents and swiftly restoring the organization’s defenses.

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Increase SOC efficiency and job satisfaction

Our solutions let SOC analysts work smarter, not harder, by providing them with automated threat analysis and accurate insights, so they can focus on what truly creates job satisfaction: stopping the next breach before it occurs.

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Boost productivity with automated threat analysis

Unlock unparalleled productivity with our automated threat analysis capabilities. Our tools empower your security team to identify and neutralize threats fast, freeing up valuable time for proactive defense strategies and elevating productivity to new heights.

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Simplify threat hunting and analysis workflow

We streamline the hunting and analysis workflow, enabling SOC teams to navigate through vast amounts of data easily so they can uncover hidden threats and make informed decisions with confidence.

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Empower analysts to prioritize high-impact threats

We help SOC analysts prioritize high-impact threats. By automating time-consuming tasks and providing comprehensive threat analysis, InQuest allows analysts to spend their valuable time and energy where it matters most: safeguarding your organization’s data and users.