Strengthening Cybersecurity: InQuest Insights & Quad9 Partnership


As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, the need for advanced defensive strategies becomes critical. The partnership between and lays a foundation for continual protection and innovation in the Threat Intelligence space. InQuest, with its advanced threat intelligence feeds, namely InQuest Insights C2 and InQuest Insights TI, has begun supplying Quad9 with crucial data. This data includes indicators of compromise (IoCs) related to exploit sites, malware command and control (C2) servers, phishing domains, and more. By integrating these feeds into Quad9’s DNS filtering service, the collaboration aims not just to react to threats but to proactively block them, protecting users from the myriad dangers lurking online. With this partnership, between 20 and 22 million daily attempts by users to reach harmful sites are thwarted, illustrating the tangible benefits of this synergy.

The Significance of InQuest Insights C2 and TI Feeds

InQuest Insights C2 and TI comprise a rich data set exclusive to InQuest due to our ability to analyze highly evasive file-based threats that conventional technologies miss, which underscores the importance of this dataset to Quad9’s mission of protecting its users. InQuest Insights C2 focuses on identifying and tracking command and control (C2) servers utilized by cybercriminals to manage infected computer systems remotely. Meanwhile, InQuest Insights TI (Threat Intelligence) offers a broader spectrum of data, capturing a wide range of malicious activities and indicators across the internet from ransomware, websites delivering exploits to end users, as well as phishing sites for finance and other sensitive domains. Together, these feeds provide a comprehensive view of the threat landscape, enabling Quad9 to block a vast array of cyber threats effectively.

How the Partnership Enhances Internet Security

This collaboration represents a significant leap in preventive cybersecurity measures. By leveraging InQuest’s detailed and dynamic threat intelligence, Quad9 can preemptively filter out malicious domains before they reach the user. This not only enhances the individual user’s security but also contributes to the broader goal of creating a safer internet ecosystem.

The Impact of Blocking 20 to 24 Million Threats Daily

The partnership’s success is underscored by its impressive daily impact—blocking 20 to 24 million attempts to access malicious sites. This figure highlights the scale of cyber threats faced by internet users and the critical role that effective threat intelligence, coupled with proactive blocking, plays in mitigating these risks.

Looking Forward

The collaboration between and is more than just a fusion of technologies; it’s a partnership that values the advancement of cybersecurity knowledge and the protection of user privacy. One of the unique aspects of this relationship is the valuable telemetry data Quad9 provides to its partners. This data is instrumental for InQuest not only in refining its threat intelligence feeds but also in conducting in-depth cybersecurity research.

InQuest is particularly excited about the potential for future research projects and blog posts that will dive deep into the insights gained from this visibility. These endeavors will further illuminate the landscape of cyber threats and defense mechanisms. Importantly, all of this is achieved while steadfastly respecting the privacy of end users. Quad9’s commitment to privacy ensures that the telemetry data shared with partners like InQuest is anonymized and handled with the utmost care, ensuring that user privacy is never compromised.

This forward-looking perspective underlines the partnership’s dual commitment to enhancing global cybersecurity defenses and advancing the community’s knowledge base, all while safeguarding the privacy rights of users. As we move ahead, the collaboration between InQuest and Quad9 promises not only to shield users from immediate threats but also to contribute significantly to the broader understanding of cyber threats and defenses, shaping a safer internet for everyone.