Email Security Provider Research

Email-based cyber attacks continue to evolve, demanding better insight from leaders of the cybersecurity community. You need to know exactly how well your defenses are holding up. That’s why we’ve created this email security provider comparison tool.

We take a deep look into the security efficacy of leading email providers by combining real-world malware samples, email attack simulations, and our cutting-edge analysis techniques, to deliver a clear picture of these common email security providers, the security they offer, and what you need to do to close their security gaps.

Ready to see how your security compares to the likes of Google and Microsoft?

The trystero project data

The Backbone of Our Email Security Provider Comparison Tool

This ongoing experiment gives us a clear picture of the security gap left by these email security providers.

It’s also a perfect proving ground for our own security solutions. Knowing what major email security providers miss gives us powerful insight into where to focus our security efforts.

But first, we’ll need samples of real-world attacks. Lots of samples.

Analyzing Millions For The “Interesting” Few

Leveraging our proprietary machine-learning and Deep File Inspection (DFI) technology, we analyze between 1 and 3 million malware samples each and every day, reducing this daily volume to only a few dozen items we deem “interesting.”

What makes an item “interesting?” Anything that manages to bypass all of the available security features of both Google and Microsoft.

Now that we have our data, what can we do with it?

Email Attack Simulation

Testing Real-World Threats

The threats deemed “interesting” come from customer networks, crawler infrastructure, and partner organizations. But no matter where they come from, one thing is always true:

These are live-fire, real-world threats that have successfully breached the defenses of major email security providers.

Each day, InQuest collects dozens of these threats and sends them through your organization’s email.

How Your Security Stacks Up

This daily email attack simulation gives you the clearest, most honest look at the efficacy of your email security stack.

To give you the most practical, useful data possible, we summarize, package, and share the results with you in a convenient daily report.

Malware analysis

A Different Approach

Much of the cybersecurity industry has focused their solutions on identifying executable malware. And for good reason, there has been an explosion of this type of malware in recent years.

But here at InQuest, we take a different approach. Instead of focusing solely on executables, we look higher up the chain to the malware carriers threat actors use to gain a foothold on their target environments.

That lets us find and stop more email threats than anyone else.

You already know there are serious security gaps in the major email security providers. Our email security provider comparison lays those security gaps bare, so you can build the strongest defense possible.