An Industry Under Siege

As technology advances and the financial industry becomes more intertwined, cybercriminals are turning toward more complex, sophisticated attacks. Phishing attacks, ransomware, advanced persistent threats—the methods used by cybercriminals to attack financial institutions are many, but InQuest is ready for them.

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Financial institutions are common targets of cyberattacks, in all shapes and forms.

InQuest understands that your financial organization is not just facing run-of-the-mill security threats. It faces the most sophisticated, well-funded, and ruthless threat actors out there.

You need a cybersecurity partner that looks beyond the obvious threats.

InQuest understands all of the underlying motives behind your attackers’ tactics. Knowing what they might be after, even when it isn’t immediately obvious, is the first step in stopping an advanced persistent threat attack.

Cybercriminals are armed with many tactics to lay siege to financial institutions.

If your security solutions are trying to fight cyberattacks one by one, they are fighting a losing battle.

Defense-in-depth means a layered defensive security posture that is both deep and wide. It is not enough to focus on just one form of attack. Whether attackers are planning to steal passwords, or sensitive data, or pull off a full ransomware attack, you need a solution that can handle any and all threats, even if they strike at the same time.

You need a cybersecurity partner that can defend against many simultaneous attackers.

Each new actor that joins the attack increases the number of new threat potentials exponentially. That’s why InQuest developed its security solutions to hone in on the behaviors and patterns at the root of these attacks, automatically uncovering even large-scale attacks without increasing the burden on your SOC team.

Cybercriminals attack financial institutions from many angles.

Sophisticated cybercriminals use a multi-prong pattern of attack. Instead of striking head-on, they use more complicated, evasive means to gain access.

Third-Party Relationships

It’s a fact of the modern working landscape that your users will need to connect to and use third-party applications. Unfortunately, these applications may not adhere to the level of security that your organization does. Attackers use these applications as a stepping stone to infiltrate your organization.


Partner relationships offer an even greater opportunity for attackers due to the inherent trust between partnered organizations. The longer and more beneficial the relationship, the greater the trust, and the greater the power attackers can gain.

You need a cybersecurity partner that guards against many angles of attack, without damaging existing relationships.

InQuest’s solutions incorporate advanced threat intelligence, network monitoring, and unmatched file analysis capabilities to detect suspicious behavior and mitigate threats before they grow into an incident that could permanently damage relationships.

InQuest understands that the finance industry faces the largest potential threats. The cybercriminals who attack this industry are some of the best-trained and most well-funded in the world. When they attack, the attack will be carried out by many individuals from many angles and the damage can go well beyond simple financial loss.

Advanced persistent threats destroy reputations. They destroy relationships. They undermine the trust that financial institutions work tirelessly to build.

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InQuest has the tools your security team needs to defend against even the most prolonged, sophisticated attacks.

Don’t let your organization fall under siege. Let us show you how our unparalleled technology will empower your SOC team to close security gaps, strengthen your defensive posture, and maintain your reputation.