Product Overview

Safeguard Files, Protect People.

Built to safeguard the most sensitive user environments in the nation, our solutions continuously monitor, inspect, and shield against file-borne threats that pose the most significant risks but still evade other, more traditional security solutions.

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Triage, Analysis, and Control (TAC) Product Suite


Our product FileTAC, powered by our proprietary Deep File Inspection® technology, decompresses, decodes, and decrypts incoming files to reveal valuable context for analysis and help you prevent even the most evasive threats.


InQuest® ICES leverages Deep-File Inspection and real-time analysis to detect and prevent the most frequent form of attack your end-users face.


Gain full visibility of your network traffic, automate threat hunting, detect cyber threats, and empower your SOC team with the most advanced analysis and response capabilities anywhere.

InQuest InSights

Our Threat Intelligence team gathers and analyzes unique data sources from open source industry feeds, as well as InQuest proprietary data sets, to provide you with leading edge and highly-trusted indicators of compromise so you can stay ahead of emerging threats and reduce dwell times.