Malware Analysis

Malware, and the cybercriminals who create it, grow more sophisticated each day.

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Malware creators know the security landscape

The cybercriminals who create malware know the traditional security tricks. Gone are the days when security awareness training was enough to prevent file-borne attacks. Today’s attackers have already mastered today’s defenses.

You need a security solution that will always keep you ahead of the curve

It doesn’t matter what tactics cyber criminals use. Whether it’s new obfuscation techniques or novel encoding methods, InQuest® gives you the malware analysis tools and resources you need to stay a step ahead.

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Stay vigilant, stay proactive

To stay ahead of the ever-evolving malware threat, you need the right tools.

  • Advanced threat detection: FileTAC lets you look deep into the files that your users send and receive to uncover even the most evasive threats.
  • Real-time network monitoring: Scrutinize files downloaded from the web or shared via email in real-time, so you always have a live, bird’s-eye view of your network.
  • Continuous intelligence: Stay connected to an array of threat intelligence, keeping you, your team, and your technology informed of the latest malware trends and emerging threats.
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Analyze deeper, detect more

The only way to fight malware is with solid, actionable intelligence.

  • Unparalleled content dissection: With our Deep File Inspection (DFI®) technology, your team will gain unmatched access to the true content of your user’s files, and the insights therein. Deep File Inspection is a facet of File Detection and Response (FDR).
  • Global backup team: InQuest pulls threat intelligence from around the globe – from the global cybersecurity community, private and public sectors, and internal discoveries. That means when you look at a potential threat, you have the experience and expertise of countless professionals behind you.
  • Proactive detection: Go beyond traditional definition-based detection methods by utilizing InQuest’s heuristic analysis techniques to uncover patterns and behaviors indicative of malware.
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Learn faster, work smarter

You can’t fight the malware onslaught if you’re exhausted or overwhelmed.

  • Transparent Analysis: Intelligent threat scoring algorithms give you only the most actionable, usable insights, reducing false positives and minimizing alert fatigue.
  • Seamless integration: InQuest’s solution seamlessly integrates with your existing security investments so you can collaborate across tools and maximize your return on security investment.
  • Automated malware analysis: Speed up your malware analysis workflow with InQuest’s automated malware analysis capabilities. Spend less time analyzing and more time hunting.
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Malware analysis alone is not enough

You need the right tools, the right data, and the right workflow.

If any of these is out of alignment, your malware analysis workflow crumbles. Don’t let your team drown in false positives, search blindly with the wrong data, or struggle with weak, out-of-date tools.

With InQuest’s solutions, you always get the right tools and the right data, in the right balance. See what your team can accomplish when they have the tools to stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve.