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Posted on 2021-09-29 by Dmitry Melikov
Protecting an organization from today's cyber threats is not a simple but rather extensive task. The threat landscape is constantly changing, requiring a flexible approach to defense. The threats, techniques, and vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploit may be unknown to organizations that provide protection to their users. This is a prime example of the exploitation of a critical vulnerability. An exploit that was found in the wild.
Posted on 2021-09-13 by Nick Chalard and Dmitry Melikov
Microsoft MSHTML Remote Code Execution Vulnerability As we roll into autumn and the season changes, so does the threat landscape.
Posted on 2021-08-25 by Josiah Smith
The Trystero Project The "Trystero Project" is our code name for an experiment that we're actively conducting to measure the security efficacy of the two largest mail providers, Google (Workspace, aka GSuite) and Microsoft (O365), against real-world emerging malware.
Posted on 2021-08-23 by Dmitry Melikov
A few days ago, we found an exciting Javascript file masquerading as a PDF that, upon activation, will drop and display a PDF (to maintain the ruse) as well as drop an executable. The document is a lure for the Korean Foreign Ministry document and its newsletter. The same attack was reported earlier by Malwarebytes in June.
Posted on 2021-07-30 by Dmitry Melikov
Mobile devices as an espionage tool.

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