Harnessing the Power of Community in Cybersecurity

Microsoft: The BlueHat Podcast

Leading Threat Intelligence at InQuest, Darren Spruell joins Wendy Zenone and Nic Fillingham on this episode of The BlueHat Podcast. Darren explains InQuest’s focus on Deep File Inspection® technology to identify malicious traits in files and talks about their role in serving public and private sector companies. Darren shares his cybersecurity journey, passion for combating malware and criminal activities, and his presentation at BlueHat. Wendy, Nic, and Darren highlight the evolution of threat information sharing over the years and the value of intelligence advantage over adversaries. The conversation delves into the significance of threat indicators such as IP addresses, file hashes, domain names, and much more!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The challenges of exchanging threat intelligence and person-to-person sharing 
  • Balancing technical expertise and leadership responsibilities 
  • The importance of evolving manual threat intelligence sharing practices 

Some Questions We Ask:

  • How can practitioners enhance the effectiveness of threat intelligence? 
  • What types of security roles are sharing IOCs back and forth? 
  • Why is community engagement in the cybersecurity industry so necessary? 

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