Darren Spruell

Chief Intelligence Officer

Darren Spruell is a seasoned technologist renowned for his diverse technical skills, insatiable curiosity, and commitment to continuous learning and expertise. With a focus on refining systems, processes, and teams to achieve peak performance, he excels in various cybersecurity domains, including security engineering, incident response, malware analysis, threat research, and cyber threat intelligence.

Throughout his career spanning healthcare, education, finance, defense, and manufacturing sectors, Darren has demonstrated leadership in both small and large enterprises, managed service providers, and specialized security vendors. He has actively participated in intelligence sharing communities, fostering collaborative relationships and anti-abuse coordination in industries such as web hosting and internet service providers.

Darren has also collaborated with the public sector, offering consultancy expertise and contributing to working groups aimed at uncovering and dismantling criminal operations. His extensive threat research has yielded notable results, including attribution and tracking of emerging threat actor groups and malware. With a repertoire of authored reports and speaking engagements at security conferences, Darren has shared insights on niche subjects like passive network intrusion sensor monitoring, combating malicious traffic distribution, the emergence of web payment card skimmers, and large-scale mobile and Linux botnet distribution operations.