SIEM Integration

Use Case Description

Security software that doesn’t effectively communicate or integrate with other solutions in your environment can leave significant gaps in your overall coverage. When security incidents or events occur, this information needs to be rapidly communicated to your SOC staff so they can take action. As a result, robust SIEM integration is an essential component of all Security Operations.

Our Solution

InQuest’s software offers a number of strategic integrations to provide a comprehensive security solution. We are not shy about leveraging the ability of other vendors to improve the coverage our solution offers. InQuest currently has integrations with OPSWAT, VirusTotal, FireEye, Joe, Cuckoo, VMRay, ArcSight, Splunk, and more. Users have the ability to interface with all of InQuest’s data and backend functionality through numerous SIEM integrations.

We have a deep familiarity with integration points and that enables us to maximize the value of our SIEM integrations through either a push or pull data ingest. InQuest uses its analysis engine in combination with active integrations to provide a single, intelligently weighed, easily digestible threat score which is easily made available to all third-party SIEM solutions.