A Weak Enterprise Cloud and SaaS Web Cybersecurity Solution Puts You At Risk of Zero-Day Attacks, Command and Control (C2) and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

The wide adoption and standardization of encrypted traffic has left cyber defenders with significantly reduced visibility of web traffic, and overall web service security. At the same time, encrypted traffic provides a new pathway for cybercriminals to hide their own traffic, shroud data exfiltration, and conceal command and control (C2) communications.

Attacks continue to make headlines on a nearly daily basis. Data breaches result in countless credentials being compromised. The most unsuspecting organizations are experiencing system wide lockouts as a result of successful ransomware attacks. Enterprise web security remains lax.

How do these attacks get manifested in web traffic?

  • Threat actors weaponize shellcode to steal sensitive information through fake web forms posing as legitimate sites
  • Unknowing victims are lured into downloading and executing malicious files capable of harvesting their hard drives for account credentials and Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
enterprise cloud and saas web cyber security solution
Enterprise cloud and SaaS web cyber security solution: we employ multiple inspection techniques leveraging Deep File Inspection and threat hunting.

What Should You Look For In A Leading Web Security Solution?

  • Cloud-delivered inspection that offers runtime protection against web-borne threats lurking in encrypted traffic - including zero-day, command and control (C2), and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
  • Multiple inspection techniques leveraging deep file inspection - and make for stronger threat hunting - powered by machine learning (ML) algorithms
  • ML algorithms that are continuously updated by seasoned researchers who are intimately knowledgeable of the latest Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

How FDR Web Security SaaS Delivers Leading Web Cybersecurity

At its very core, FDR Web Security SaaS leverages our Deep File Inspection® (DFI) engine - which utilizes heuristics and signature-based analytical pipelines to identify the real-world emerging threats that underpin Zero-Day attacks, N-Day attacks, and malware infections. FDR Web Security SaaS also provides policy enforcement at scale - even in the most complex multi-tenant environments.

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Unique Capabilities of InQuest's Integrated Web Security SaaS Solution

Visibility of Encrypted Traffic for web security on SaaS

Visibility of Encrypted Traffic

Complete, real-time visibility and inline inspection - with 3rd-party integrations - of all incoming and outgoing encrypted traffic - leveraging our patented Deep File Inspection (DFI) to detect and prevent web-borne threats.

Proactive Threat Intelligence for web security on SaaS

Proactive Threat Intelligence

Built-in incident response workflow, remediation, and breach containment - which sharply reduces the tedious and time-consuming work of building investigative workflows by your operators. This provides the ability to proactively track and hunt for emerging threats that have infiltrated your environment.

RetroHunt Capability for web security on SaaS

RetroHunt Capability

Your team can retrospectively identify the most sophisticated threats, and quickly determine which assets have been impacted.

Multiple Inspection Methodologies for web security on SaaS

Multiple Inspection Methodologies

Multiple analytical methods are leveraged and factored into identifying attacker tactics to effectively increase the probability of detection. This methodology employs detection logic at numerous layers to uncover a wide variety of attack and exploitation techniques.

Zero-Day Attack Prevention

Protection against sophisticated attack techniques targeting unknown vulnerabilities. Continuous delivery of signature packs (which contain coverage of, and protection for, Zero-Day attacks) is managed by automated updates and feeds.

Malware Detection

Malware Detection

Through RetroHunting, FDR provides novel dimensions of data and time to analyze files and identify threats - ensuring even the most sophisticated attacks don't go undetected, even if initially missed.

Data Loss Prevention DLP

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Protect critical data with our integrated DLP capability which performs inspection of all file content and context - ultimately identifying data exfiltration and ensuring sensitive information never leaves your environment.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capability

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capability

FDR augments human analysis to tackle the ever-increasing talent gap. Our machine learning (ML) technology uses advanced algorithms that leverage supervised classifiers and unsupervised clusters - designed to query vast amounts of data, discover patterns, and generate meaningful insights.

Runtime Protection

Runtime Protection

As a cloud-based platform, FDR has the ability to provide real-time protection using a combination of multi-scanning technologies including Deep File Inspection (DFI), reputation, and advanced malware prevention.