Threat Prevention

Active Protection Against Emerging Threats, 0-Day Attacks, C2 Activity, and APTs

Cyber attacks and data breaches continue to make the headlines on nearly a daily basis. Massive breaches have exposed proprietary and sensitive company data. Social media account takeovers are commonplace. Organizations, large and small, continue to be severely impacted by ransomware attacks and threat campaigns.

Inquest's Advanced Threat Protection, Prevention, and Response Solutions defend against emerging threats, Zero-Day attacks, Command and Control (C2) activity, and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).
Threat Prevention Challenge


Threat actors use evasive tactics to bypass security defenses, e.g., weaponizing shellcode to steal personal identifiable information (PII) from vulnerable targets, or luring users into clicking nefarious links to download malicious files - ultimately harvesting account credentials or financial information. This leads directly to financial and/or reputational losses. Most organizations are unaware of a threat actor's presence or malware that has breached their compute environment - leading to months, even years, of dangerous post-compromise dwell time.


FDR Threat Prevention is designed to provide protection against emerging threats, Zero-Day attacks, Command & Control (C2) activity, and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). It detects enterprise security threats that continue to evade legacy and traditional prevention systems. Multiple inspection and analytical techniques using patented Deep File Inspection (DFI) - powered by Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, daily curated threat intelligence, and a dedicated team of security researchers - to provide clear visibility of active threats cleverly disguised within data-in-motion.

Threat Prevention Solution from Inquest

The Advantages of FDR Threat Prevention

The Advantages of Threat Prevention - full visibility of encrypted traffic
Full Visibility of Encrypted Traffic

Comprehensive real-time visibility, inline inspection through strategic integrations for all inbound and outbound encrypted traffic at speeds ranging from megabits per second to multi-gigabits per second, leveraging patented Deep File Inspection (DFI) to detect and analyze web-borne threats and malware lurking in the traffic to determine the nature of the threat.

The Advantages of Threat Prevention - Deep File Inspection (DFI)
Deep File Inspection (DFI)

High-throughput DFI capability processes a magnitude of files to automate the work of SOC analysts. DFI dissects common carriers to expose embedded logic (macros, scripts, applets), semantic context, and metadata (e.g. author, edit time, page count).

The Advantages of Threat Prevention - automated static analysis
Automated Static Analysis

Our solution performs high throughput static analysis, leveraging our Deep File Inspection (DFI) which involves inspecting files and determining the nature of the threat without executing the code. It performs dissection, unwrapping and unpacking of the embedded content and classifies files to support real-time, high-volume applications.

The Advantages of Threat Prevention - zero day attack coverage
Zero-Day Attack Coverage

InQuest leverages partnerships, in-house capabilities, and third-party tools to build a comprehensive context of potential threats passing through protected network boundaries which provides protection against sophisticated attack techniques targeting publicly unknown vulnerabilities. Coverage for these attacks is delivered via automated updates and feeds to ensure continuous protection of client infrastructure around the clock ultimately allowing rapid detection, triage, and remediation of network threats.

The Advantages of Threat Prevention - unique threat intelligence
Unique Threat Intelligence

Our platform leverages an automated decision-making engine to discover threats. It reduces the amount of time spent performing manual threat research, which empowers your security operations and improves your ability to predict, detect, and hunt potential evasions. Threat hunters can quickly respond to emerging threats targeting your organization through the use of our threat intelligence services, which acquires, analyzes, and incorporates threat intelligence information from hundreds of public, private, and internal sources.