Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Drive Up SOC ROI With Intelligent Orchestration

SOCs are complex entities by virtue of a myriad of systems, tools, and procedures used to acquire, identify, analyze, act against, and hunt threat actors and malware. Alerts, logs, PCAPs, files, threat intel and more need to be exchanged easily and rapidly to maximize the output of expensive human and machine power. SOAR aims to organize incident analysis and response procedures in a digital workflow format.



While SOAR is in wide use by a number of organizations today, it still requires time, energy, and expertise to install and configure into a SOC environment. It takes time to achieve effective security orchestration - which connects and integrates internal and external tools via built-in or custom integrations and APIs across vulnerability scanners, endpoint protection products, end-user behavior analytics, firewalls, IDS/IPS, SIEMs, and external threat intelligence feeds. It also takes time to build security automation - which replaces manual processes like vulnerability scanning, log analysis, ticket checking and auditing capabilities with automated processes. Playbooks - which automate actions - are key to the latter.


FDR delivers on the promise of SOAR, but without the need for complex integrations and playbooks. FDR brings to bear a 'virtual analyst' that goes to work instantly, backed by the collective knowledge of InQuest Labs, DFI, RetroHunting and more. There is no need for staff to tune it to your IT environment, or spend inordinate amounts of time plumbing it into your tool chain. FDR instantly automates and scales your SOC through its automated decision-making engine, bi-directional orchestration with multi-scanning and sandbox solutions, unique threat intelligence sources, and a seasoned signature development team augmented by machine learning.