A Strong Cloud and SaaS Email Security Tool Reduces Exposure to Malware, Ransomware, Exploits, Phishing, Fraud, Spam and Data Loss Violations

Email is the single most significant attack vector used by adversaries to gain access to businesses and individuals. Because email is essential to business, and used without a second thought to communicate with untrusted, external organizations - every organization must have layered email threat protection. With only basic SaaS email security, attackers can easily exploit your e-mail to gain control over your IT infrastructure, access confidential information, or disrupt IT access to resources.

Traditional corporate email security may not have you sufficiently protected. A more advanced cloud and SaaS email security tool can give you the protection your existing email defenses are missing.

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Stale Email Security Technologies Leave You Exposed

Threat actor groups regularly launch sophisticated email phishing campaigns to lure employees into downloading malicious file attachments that contain embedded malware or ransomware. Successful campaigns lead to identity impersonation, fraudulent account creation, complete system lockout accompanied (with demand for a ransom to be paid), or even a system compromise resulting in the exfiltration of sensitive data. Despite the most sophisticated email application security controls, advanced threats can still get through to your users' inboxes.

Even the most advanced email security SaaS solutions are surprisingly easy to evade. They just do not do enough to identify the tactics and techniques of today's sophisticated email-borne threats.

Modern Protection Requires Cloud Email Security That Can Go Deep

Today's email security tools must be able to:

  • Deeply analyze all elements of email in order to identify modern threats. This is the only way to have a solid shot at preventing malware, phishing, ransomware, spam, and scams from being delivered to your users' inboxes
  • Leverage machine vision and optical character recognition (OCR) to identify sensitive information within scanned documents. And OCR scanning must include all images as well - which are increasingly used as attack lures.
  • Use real-time capabilities to halt account takeovers, brand impersonation, email spoofing, sender forgery, and social engineering campaigns
  • Retrospectively analyze historical email header, body, and attachment content
  • Unwrap obfuscation layers. Threat actors are skilled at masking and protecting the malicious code that underlies spam, phishing, ransomware, and other attacks
  • Inspect email well beyond OSI layer 7 - dissecting common malware and ransomware carriers
  • Automate the task of discovering malware, ransomware and phishing attacks through the continuous analysis of messages and other proprietary analytics of email content
  • Decorate emails with banners that clearly indicate the level of threat that email and/or associated attachment represents to the recipient
  • Easily integrate with existing Microsoft Exchange, Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 deployment in minutes, enabling you to quickly address the gaps in their defenses
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