Integrated Cloud Email Security

94% of Malware is delivered by email

Email is the single most significant attack vector used by adversaries to gain access to businesses and individuals. Because email is essential to business, and used without a second thought to communicate with untrusted, external organizations - every organization must have layered email threat protection. With only basic SaaS email security, attackers can easily exploit your e-mail to gain control over your IT infrastructure, access confidential information, or disrupt IT access to resources.

Traditional corporate email security may not have you sufficiently protected. A more advanced cloud and SaaS email security tool can give you the protection your existing email defenses are missing.

Check out our Dark Reading-sponsored infographic. See compelling stats on the weaknesses of both Google and Microsoft email security.

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Inquest cloud and SaaS email security tool uses Deep File Inspection to analyze, identify, and prevent malware, phishing, ransomware, and more.
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Threat actor groups regularly launch sophisticated email phishing campaigns to lure company employees into downloading malicious file attachments that contain embedded malware or ransomware.  Successful campaigns lead to identity impersonation, fraudulent account creation, complete system lockout accompanied with a demand for a ransom to be paid or even system compromise resulting in the exfiltration of sensitive data.

Even the most advanced and popular email security solutions are trivial to evade and not enough to identify the tactics and techniques of today's sophisticated email-borne threats.


InQuest's integrated cloud email security solution, leveraging our patented, Deep File Inspection (DFI) engine, goes to unparalleled levels of scrutiny to analyze, identify, and ultimately prevent malware, phishing, ransomware, spam, and scams from being delivered to your users’ inbox.  We utilize machine vision and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify sensitive information within scanned documents as well as other images used as attack lures.  Our cloud-based solution can be easily integrated with your existing Microsoft Exchange, GSuite or Microsoft Office 365 deployment in minutes, quickly enabling you to address the gaps in their defenses.  We provide real-time prevention of account takeovers, brand impersonation, email spoofing, sender forgery and social engineering campaigns.
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Magnifying Glass for Analysis

Unique Capabilities of InQuest's Email Security SaaS

retrohunting and retrohunt for email security in SaaS and cloud environments
Retrospectively analyze historical email header, body and attachment content leveraging our RetroHunting capability.  Through the use of RetroHunting, we provide you with the ability to proactively hunt threats related to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) that may have initially bypassed your real-time defenses. Never before have you been able to retrospectively analyze your email spool to identify intruders until now.
Patented Deep file inspection
Patented Deep File Inspection
Malware and Ransomware can be lurking in a variety of different file formats and objects.  InQuest uses a recursive file dissection engine designed to unwrap the layers of obfuscation employed by threat actors, which masks and protects their malicious code.  Our file dissection engine automatically unravels the evasion techniques used to hide this content.  Through these advanced analytical methods, we offer anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-ransomware and advanced anti-malware capabilities that identify multiple detection points within an attack chain.
Advanced malware and ransomware prevention
Advanced Malware & Ransomware Prevention
Our proprietary Deep File Inspection (DFI) engine is capable of decoding, decompressing, decompiling and deciphering file content, which provides unsurpassed visibility.  Ultimately exposing a myriad of additional context for analysis to aid in identifying and preventing threats as well as sensitive data-loss.  Our static analysis engine peers well beyond layer 7 of the OSI model, dissecting common carriers to expose embedded logic (macros, scripts, applets) and semantic context (e.g., cells of the spreadsheet, words in a presentation).
Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection
It begins with the initial delivery of the email lure to the individual mailbox, covering the full spectrum of BEC phishing challenges, both technical and non-technical, from internal and external relationship building and profiling, to advanced content analysis and more, all in real-time.  The aggregation of this information creates a baseline of normal communications that are constantly analyzed to produce unique behavior patterns for every account.
owered by Human plus Machine Learning
Powered by Human + Machine Learning
A self-learning email security platform dedicated to stop tomorrow’s phishing attacks today.  Machine Learning (ML) automates the task of discovering malware, ransomware and phishing attacks through the continuous analysis of messages and other proprietary analytics of email content.
User Education Directly in your Inbox
User Education Directly in your Inbox
Our solution decorates your emails with various banners that represent the perceived level of threat that email and/or associated attachment represents to the recipient.  We also provide you with the ability to tailor your email banners to align with your organization’s policies and risk tolerance levels.