Most of us know that business email compromise (BEC) is a common vector for network attacks – but few realize just how vulnerable they are to threats. The rapid transition to remote work during the pandemic has created massive new opportunities for security breaches. Employers often place their faith in their email provider to protect their scattered workforce.

But InQuest’s comprehensive experiment measuring email security efficacy demonstrates a significant gap in available protection. Neither Microsoft nor Google can do enough to stem the tide of threats. Here’s the bottom line: to protect the enterprise, you must augment your email security and close the gap.

Read the details within the How to Secure your Weakest Link Infographic.

InQuest Email Security Assessment
This month we harvested 1309 samples from the wild capable of bypassing either Microsoft or Google. Of those, Microsoft missed 507 (39%), and Google missed 530 (40%). The distribution of misses by file type is depicted below:
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