InQuest ROI Calculators

Threat Hunting Depth ROI


Files to review daily (daily analysis needs):

??? files > ??? with InQuest


Daily analysis capability:

??? files < ??? with InQuest

  • Automate Tier-1 via Deep File Inspection®.
  • Leverage surplus cognition via RetroHunting®.
  • Analyst-level scrutiny on every artifact entering your environment.

False Positive Response ROI


False Positives to review daily (daily analysis needs):

??? events > ??? with InQuest


Daily analysis capability:

??? events < ??? with InQuest

  • SOC analyst in a box provides depth at scale.
  • Combine technologies through InQuest's Threat Scoring algorithm.
  • Intelligent orchestration leverages complementary

Email Admin Time ROI


Email reports to review daily (daily analysis needs):

??? emails > ??? with InQuest


Daily analysis capability:

??? emails < ??? with InQuest

  • Hyper granuler control plane reduces your attack surface.
  • Go deep with DFI®, piercing even password protected attachments.
  • Report, search, and remediate malicious emails that reached the inbox.

Email User Time ROI


Annual incidents across the enterprise:

??? incidents > ??? with InQuest

  • Train your users on real-world threats.
  • Combat VIP spoofing, scams, extortion, impresonation, ransomware.
  • Crowd sourced protection between your users.

Annual enterprise-wide hours spent:

??? hours < ??? with InQuest


Enterprise-wide loss of hours:

??? hours wasted > ??? with InQuest

Return on Security Investment (ROSI)

The Return on Security Investment (ROSI) formula calculates loss prevention in dollars saved.
Expected amount/cost lost from 1 incident
Measures the probability of an incident occurring within a year
Represents the percentage of threats mitigated by implementing InQuest
Cost of our solution
Return on security investment.
Annual Loss Expectancy (ALE)
Total annual expected loss from all incidents ALE = ARO * SLE