On-Demand Webinar: Death by 1,000 File Types

In today’s sophisticated threat landscape, security professionals face a daunting challenge: the endless array of file types attackers exploit to bypass robust security measures. In this webinar, “Death by 1,000 File Types: How Files Creep Past Even the Best Security Controls” we delve deep into the core issues surrounding file-based attacks, casting a spotlight not just on our solution-centric approach but the underlying problems that necessitated their creation.

Attackers are increasingly leveraging the vast diversity and intricacies of available file types to their advantage, rendering traditional security controls ineffective. It’s a problem of breadth and complexity, where certain control measures inevitably fall short. Among the issues discussed, we’ll explore:

  • The disturbing rise of adversary success, rooted in their strategic deployment of intricate file format attacks including exploiting file types already present in victim environments – a tactic known as Living Off the Land (LOL) – to heighten evasion and attack efficacy.
  • The inadequacy of modern defensive controls in this domain, creating vulnerabilities that adversaries eagerly exploit.
  • The pitfalls of singular-focused analysis, such as exclusive attention to pdf or office documents.