Assessing SaaS Email Provider Baked in Security

Thursday, Nov 12th at 2 PM EST

We launched InQuest Labs in August of 2019, as a way to publicly demo some of our research and development and to empower researchers interested in discovering novel/exemplar document borne malware. Unveiled at Black Hat 2019, InQuest Labs made a splash with the availability of a free (as in beer) aggregate reputation feed, communal IOC harvesting, tools for YARA developers, and a light version of our Deep File Inspection (DFI) engine. Since launch we've amassed over 1.5 million files and over 200 million indicators.We're continuing to iterate on InQuest Labs and have been running a neat experiment as of late where we're feeding the most "interesting" malware from our daily harvest through the various mail providers (Google, Microsoft, Amazon) to compare and contrast their detection abilities as well identify real-world malware capable of bypassing them all. Join us on Thursday November 12 for an overview of the data, processes, and results from this experiment. Please fill the form below to register for the Assessing SaaS Email Provider Baked in Security online event.

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