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At InQuest, we're fanatical about malware analysis and ingest real-world samples at-scale, dissecting millions of files daily. We leverage a combination of our Deep File Inspection (DFI™) analysis engine and a proprietary machine learning apparatus to distill the volume into a daily harvest consisting of dozens of "interesting" samples.

These samples are verified as capable of bypassing all of Google's and Microsoft's available security features combined. We then innocuously "loop" this daily harvest of malware through your email stack and provide you with a daily report assessing your detection gap for bleeding-edge real-world malware. Select the keep the assessment ongoing to serve as continuous validation of your email security.

You can read more details in the Mail Provider Comparison blog.

If you're interested in hearing more or are curious to try the assessment for free (as in 🍺). Let us know your name and corporate e-mail address and we'll get in touch shortly.

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