Free Email Assessment

Ever wonder if those threat actor campaigns you read about in top cybersecurity company / researcher blogs could breach your organization?

Curious how resilient your email security is against emerging malware, ransomware, phishing, fraud and scam of the day?

If you are using Microsoft or Google email and their native email security - or even a 3rd party product - how can you be sure of your ability to keep these threats out of your users' inboxes?

Find out with our FDR Email Assessment.

Fast. Easy. First 30 days free. No strings attached.

(minimum value of $1,000/month)

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How to get it:

  • Register via the form below.
  • True assessment (not a product install).
  • Create an inbox and one forwarding rule. That's it.
  • No GDPR concerns. It's a simple (and safe) security control check.
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How it works:

  • InQuest Labs does the heavy lifting. We analyze literally millions of malware samples every day, curating what can bypass Google and Microsoft email security - even fully-featured options, e.g., E5 + Advanced Phishing. The amount of time and effort this saves you - on a daily basis - is formidable.
  • Curated evasive samples are sent to your assessment inbox - one per email.
  • Any sample that reaches your inbox has bypassed your entire email security stack.
  • The inbox forwarding rule sends those samples to InQuest's assessment tracker, which produces your daily assessment report.
  • The forwarding rule configuration also provides you with the option of whether or not to keep the malicious email in the inbox, or delete it after it is forwarded.

The end value:

  • See the types of file-borne malware capable of reaching your users.
  • See which endpoint security product(s) would have provided the best coverage.
  • See which security blogs - written by top cybersecurity companies and researchers - are relevant to you (waste no time on the rest).

Want to dive deeper?

  • View our 30 minute Trystero webinar.
  • Browse the Trystero webinar slide deck.
  • Check out our living white paper, results, dashboards and even sample downloads at the Trystero project.