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InQuest Appoints Andre Ludwig as Chief Product Officer

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AUSTIN, Texas-InQuest, a leading provider of File Detection and Response solutions focused on protecting the end-user, announced today the appointment of Andre Ludwig as its Chief Product Officer. Andre brings extensive cybersecurity experience and product management leadership through numerous disciplines including security engineering, malware analysis, incident response, reverse engineering, exploit detection and analysis, custom network sensing, file analysis, and cutting-edge defensive research and development.

His career has spanned multiple industry sectors including core internet infrastructure, financial services, international non-profits, government contracting, government research and development, law enforcement and counterintelligence, as well as commercial security product development. Andre served as CEO of the Honeynet Project, CTO of the Global Cyber Alliance, and Chief Product Officer of Bricata (acquired by OpenText).

Additionally, Andre is an expert consultant in threat intelligence, advanced attack detection, malware analysis, and the application of distributed systems and machine learning to network defense and insider threat detection. Some of his most notable achievements include:

  • The creation and adoption of the first malicious domain identification/validation process for the removal of malicious domains (exploit kit sites, malware c2, phishing domains)
  • One of the founders of the world’s first large-scale malware interdiction effort (conficker working group), chronicled in the book, “Worm: The First Digital World War”, by Mark Bowden
  • Direct assistance to Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit with numerous malware takedown efforts over the last decade
  • Led two major efforts to globally interdict FBI-attributed nation state actors in Operation SMN and Operation Blockbuster – both referenced by global news sources

“We are extremely fortunate to have Andre join our team,” said Michael Arcamone, InQuest CEO. “It is extremely rare to find such a unique mix of security research and analytical skills, product development expertise, and executive leadership all in one person. He will help us immensely as we evolve our solutions to address an ever-demanding and diverse customer base.”

About InQuest

InQuest empowers both the private and public sectors to identify, detect, and prevent advanced malware, ransomware, phishing, scam and fraud attacks, breaches, and data loss incidents. Its industry-leading File Detection and Response (FDR) platform stops file-borne breaches and incidents, automates threat hunting with real-time intelligence, and force multiplies SOC and SecOps across the globe.


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