Headshot of Andre Ludwig

Andre Ludwig

Chief Product Officer

Andre Ludwig brings a wealth of expertise in cybersecurity, demonstrating a comprehensive background in security engineering, malware analysis, incident response, reverse engineering, exploit detection and analysis, distributed systems design, and cutting-edge defensive research and development. With a career spanning across multiple sectors, including core internet infrastructure, government contracting, government research and development, law enforcement and counterintelligence, and commercial security product development, Andre has made significant contributions to the field.

Notable achievements in Andre’s career include serving as the CEO of the Honeynet Project and the CTO of the Global Cyber Alliance where he founded and created quad9.net. He has played pivotal roles in the creation and adoption of the domain industry’s first malicious domain identification/validation process, leading to the removal of malicious domains such as exploit kit sites, malware command and control (C2) servers, and phishing domains. Andre was also one of the founders of the Conficker Working Group, a large-scale malware interdiction effort widely documented in the book “Worm: The First Digital World War” by Mark Bowden. In addition to his accomplishments, Andre has provided valuable assistance to Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit in various malware takedown efforts over the past decade. He has also led two major global operations, namely Operation SMN and Operation Blockbuster, aimed at interdicting nation-state actors identified by the FBI. These efforts have garnered attention and recognition in global news sources.

As an expert consultant, Andre specializes in threat intelligence, advanced attack detection techniques, malware analysis, the application of distributed systems and machine learning to network defense, and insider threat detection. With his extensive background and notable contributions, Andre Ludwig remains at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry.