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Let users be human.

Take your risk out of their hands.

File-based security automation for end-user risk. InQuest® mitigates end-user risk so analysts can reclaim precious time and maximize security ROI.

Unseen malicious file + Avoidable human mistake

= root cause of most breaches.


of attacks are initiated via email to an


of incidents begin with Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks

Tackle Risk Head-on

With security automation that solves for end-user mistakes. Deep File Inspection® and security automation, built by analysts for analysts.

Trusted to protect the world’s most targeted networks

– Incident Handler, US Intelligence Community

“InQuest® provides a complete network forensics picture, from session details such as header information to file details such as the hash, size, type and even the raw file.”

– Director of Information Security, E-Commerce Company

“We’ve been customers for several years now and up until the recent acquisition of their appliances we were running their collectors on 4U boxes with flash storage cards. As a result of that acquisition, we went from having to deal with three different vendors to one vendor, reduced our rackspace footprint as well as our power consumption which all resulted in a huge cost savings for us. Kudos to InQuest!”

– Intrusion Analyst, Managed Security Service Provider

“Over half of our customer’s traffic is encrypted and InQuest is the first security platform we’ve seen with a specific focus on using SSL related indicators of compromise to detect the bad guy’s infrastructure.”

InQuest benefits

Products that go everywhere you want, and see everything you need.

Built to protect end-users in the nation’s most sensitive user environments, InQuest continuously monitors, deeply inspects and automatically protects against the file-borne threats that cause the most issues and risk, but that traditional security products cannot see.

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Stop file-borne breaches and incidents.

External sender message

Defend against the single most significant attack vector with layered email threat protection.

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High-speed and high-volume analysis and detection against your enterprise network traffic.

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Harness InQuest’s unique perspective and insight to find threats months before the competition.

Why InQuest®

InQuest products actively protect tens of millions of sessions, millions of files, and hundreds of thousands of users each day.

Purpose-built to address gaps in premier security solutions

10+ years successfully protecting the most targeted users and networks

Technology powered by world-class threat research, analysis, and inspection tools

Community collaborations, open-source tools, and leading-edge research

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Learn how InQuest® can keep your users safe from attack and make your analysts even more awesome at what they do.