FDR: Broad SOC/SecOps Solution Set, Unique in its Value

Files are the ultimate ‘carrier’ of malware, exploits, ransomware, phishing lures, fraud and scam hooks, as well as being central to data loss violations. And in nearly all cases, it is human interaction with files that will be the beginning of a bad outcome for your business. Given this reality, there is little argument that file inspection for security threats should be a strategic component of any well-designed security defense-in-depth tool set.

FDR Solves What Other Detection and Response Solutions Leave Unaddressed

There are clear and useful roles for other detection and response solutions like EDR, NDR and XDR. However, it is also quite clear that these solutions are not purpose-built for the necessary file-level detection and response required to find and root out the aforementioned security issues - which we refer to as the ‘end-user security gap’. One need only review the core technologies and distinguished feature set (located under the Overview Tab on our main navigation) to see that these are solution features not available through other detection and response approaches.

The solutions listed below are broadly addressable by other detection and response approaches. But none will bring the depth of file discovery, analysis, scoring and remediation efficacy provided by InQuest File Detection and Response (FDR).

Whether your organization has a SOC, security team, or security ‘lone wolf’, FDR provides a unique, powerful, easy to use weapon for identifying and stopping end-user-driven security issues, threat hunting for malware and/or threat actor infrastructure, and driving greater defense-in-depth efficacy by infusing highly-curated threat intelligence into your SIEM and policy enforcement products.

Regardless of your start point or end game, InQuest FDR will add unique threat discovery, analysis, prioritization and mitigation capabilities to your security defense-in-depth armament - quickly and easily.