FDR Total Security

The ideal approach for maximum protection against file-borne breaches and incidents is a comprehensive deployment - one that monitors all email, web connections, and network traffic for suspicious and malicious activity.

A summary recap of features and protections across the three domains is provided below.


  • Protection against:
    • Account takeovers
    • Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams
    • Brand Impersonation
    • VIP Impersonation
    • Social Engineering
    • Malware Lures
    • Phishing Lures
    • Ransomware
    • Vulnerability Exploits
    • Zero-Day Attacks
    • N-Day Attacks
    • Spam
  • Cutting edge, real-time email analysis
    • Deep File Inspection (DFI)
    • Dozens of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) / Computer Vision / Natural Language Processing (NLP) models automatically inspect all inbound/outbound email
    • Complementary Integrations (MultiAV / Sandbox)
    • more...
  • Rich enforcement
  • Outbound encryption support
  • Seamless Integration
  • End-user education via email decorations
  • End-user feedback loop
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Invisible to outsiders / attackers
  • RetroHunting
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Organization-wide deployment in less than an hour


  • Protection against:
    • Zero-Day Attacks
    • N-Day Attacks
    • Command and Control (C2)
    • Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
  • Multiple Inspection Techniques
  • Emerging Threat Detection
  • Retrospective Malware Detection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Policy enforcement at scale
  • IQScore
  • Proactive Threat Intelligence
  • SSL Fingerprinting
  • Invisible to outsiders / attackers
  • Deploys organization-wide in less than an hour


  • Protection against:
  • High Performance Network Inspection
  • Turnkey physical and virtual appliance form factors
  • Physical appliances with excellent data center economics
  • Appliances collectively managed via single pane of glass
  • Ingests data in-motion, data in-use, and data at-rest
  • Complex threat hunting tasks are automated by leveraging intrusion analysis, intrusion detection, incident response, and event triage
  • Alert on malicious network activities, investigate, and perform forensics analysis to determine root cause and then respond using event triage and mitigation
  • Multiple Inspection Techniques
  • Breach Detection and Containment
  • Emerging Threat Detection
  • Retrospective Malware Detection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • IQScore
  • Proactive Threat Intelligence
  • RetroHunt Capability
  • Invisible to outsiders / attackers

Pricing is based on:

Email capacity

  • Number of inboxes protected (from 1 to 100,000)
  • Subscription duration (one, two, or three years)

Web capacity

  • Number of ICAP file scans per days (ranging from 2,000 to 100,000)

Network capacity

  • Collector Appliance Throughout Rating (Gbps)
  • Number of Collector Appliances
  • Number of Manager Appliances
  • Physical or Virtual Deployment