Data Loss Discovery

Enterprises are exposed to sophisticated attacks driven by a variety of motives, while the rise of emerging threats continues to increase, organizations are facing significant challenges to combat data loss. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions often fail to meet an organization's requirements for safeguarding data because there are many vectors that can be leveraged for the exfiltration of sensitive data. Insider threats can also be extremely challenging to identify because it's difficult to determine whether or not the employee is using their legitimate access to data for nefarious purposes.

InQuest's Data Loss Discovery (DLD) engine provides comprehensive visibility needed for enterprise network and cloud data loss and leakage prevention.
The challenges leading to data leakage and data loss


Hackers obfuscate, embed, and send stolen data within benign files hoping it will traverse enterprise network traffic without being detected. The loss of proprietary and/or sensitive information can lead to significant financial losses and reputational damage. Adversaries conduct multi-year intrusion campaigns targeting highly sensitive economic, proprietary, or national security information. They accomplish their goals using advanced tools and techniques to perform credential harvesting, account takeover, or account compromise, which are all designed to bypass most computer network defense mechanisms.


InQuest's Data Loss Discovery (DLD) engine addresses enterprise challenges to combat data leakage, which regularly evades traditional security defenses. Our solution is dedicated to detecting data leakage contexts using key differentiators that leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) as well as our patented Deep File Inspection (DFI). Data exfiltration is identified in real-time to minimize financial, reputational, or intellectual property damage and exposure. Our DLD engine provides comprehensive visibility of inbound and outbound traffic to safeguard files that contain confidential information and prevent them from leaving the network.

The solution to your data loss and data leakage problems

The Advantages of Data Loss Discovery

Powered by Machine Learning
Powered by Machine Learning

Our Data Loss Discovery (DLD) Engine leverages machine vision through the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Image Perceptual Hashing to inspect traffic, files, and objects in-motion and at-rest to identify sensitive information such as PII and PHI from being exposed.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance
Regulatory Compliance Assurance

InQuest provides your organization with assurance to stay compliant with data protection regulations and data privacy laws, with additional visibility into Data-in-Motion as well as Data-at-Rest. Whether you are dealing with Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), Payment Card Information (PCI), our platform safeguards and secures intellectual property and health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA) data.

Deep File Inspection (DFI) Technology
Deep File Inspection (DFI) Technology

A complementary solution to aid in the detection of data breaches and the exfiltration of sensitive information, which is capable of processing a high magnitude of files. It dissects a wide variety of common file types to expose embedded logic, semantic context, and metadata.