Marketing Specialist

The individual selected to fill this Marketing Specialist role will become a part of a growing and data-driven organization that is highly regarded in the eyes of prospective buyers and established customers alike. This position plays a critical role in furthering key initiatives, with the ideal candidate working to support product, marketing, and sales effectiveness.

As our Marketing Specialist, you will act as a critical connection point between product, sales, marketing, customer, and business development teams. In this role, you will influence go-to-market strategy, including helping to identify market opportunities, influence product strategy, lead pipeline development, and support revenue generation.

Primary Responsibilities and Activities

Our Marketing Specialist will have primary or shared responsibilities for:

  • Performing market, customer, and competitive research (primary or secondary) to segment the market and produce buyer insights, identifying what opportunities, challenges and dynamics exist for the organization and its products
  • Leading new product/feature launches and generating demand
  • Guiding, creating, and delivering differentiated messaging and buyer personas to impact the development of compelling content to communicate value and convert leads
  • Creating, implementing, and refining programs to drive awareness and engagement:
  • Collaborating with demand teams to build and execute high-response campaigns
  • Helping field and vertical teams penetrate their customer and industry segments
  • Enabling sales, indirect channels, and strategic partners
  • Supporting account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives
  • Fostering growth through customer advocacy
  • Applying technology and data to increase marketing reach, grow segmentation, accelerate demand, streamline processes, and make more informed decisions
  • Managing the performance of the product marketing team, programs, and collaboration with other stakeholders

To support each of the areas designated above, specific responsibilities for the role include the following:

Market Understanding

In this position, you must be able to undertake and oversee a continuous assessment, definition, and communication of:

  • Market research: Primary and secondary research to better understand market and buyer dynamics
  • Competitive intelligence: Carry an in-depth knowledge of the solution alternatives that exist for buyers — both direct competitors and those in adjacent spaces; the relative strengths and weaknesses of each; and points of differentiation
  • Market dynamics: Outlining both the buy-side and sell-side forces impacting the industry, as well as technological changes or other factors that might cause buyer uncertainty and impact sales
  • Market segmentation: Proposing the market segments that are the ideal targets for our products and services with their expected growth rates
  • Ideal customer profile (ICP): Defining the characteristics of the ideal buying organization and what makes it a fit for our products
  • Buyer personas, influencers, and process: Identifying the roles involved buying our products and services; the external influences playing a role in selecting options; and the typical process for exploring, evaluating, and engaging with providers
  • Route-to-market strategy: Identifying whether direct sales and/or through channel partners

Guiding Product Strategy

The Marketing Specialist must collaborate with executives as well as product and engineering teams to ensure product-market fit by:

  • Working with internal teams and customers to uncover latent market needs and understand value-based behaviors and perceptions to drive prioritization of roadmap features.
  • Aligning new offerings/features to grow revenue/profit opportunities among both existing customers and new ICPs.
  • Leading the development of messaging, content, tools, and programs that will be required to bring a product to market or increase velocity for existing offers.
  • Identifying and building a dialogue with industry influencers to help shape direction.

Create Positioning, Messaging, Storylines and Content

The Marketing Specialist must ensure that compelling and impactful communications are created and delivered by:

  • Developing clear and crisp positioning that will guide messaging and other go-to-market strategies.
  • Exploring and defining the core questions buyers need to have addressed throughout their buying and owning life cycles.
  • Crafting storylines to communicate value and that can be applied and contextualized for different buying scenarios.
  • Helping to create and execute a content strategy that supports all stages of the buying journey through the channels and formats most wanted by buyers.
  • Articulating individual product stories within the context of the larger brand storyline

Driving Impact

The Marketing Specialist must develop and execute programs for sustained market impact by:

  • Assisting corporate communications with influencer and media outreach and engagement
  • Collaborating with the demand-generation team to create and deliver compelling campaigns
  • Supporting ABM initiatives
  • Enabling sales, customer success and partners by developing training, content, and tools to help market-facing personnel better understand and address buyer wants and needs
  • Helping to incorporate, apply or contextualize messaging and content to fit the needs of vertical solutions or field marketing
  • Coordinating the creation of content, enablement, and co-marketing programs with partner marketing
  • Coordinating the development of content, activities, and programs to drive adoption and retention with existing customers
  • Identifying, developing, and promoting upsell and cross-sell offers to customers
  • Fostering customer advocacy programs and communities

Applying Technology and Analytics to Drive Results

The Marketing Specialist will rely on data and technology to streamline processes and improve results, influencing, if not directly owning:

  • Digital marketing technologies to include, but not limited to, content marketing, personalization engines, email marketing and social marketing tools
  • ABM and marketing automation platforms and tools to improve demand generation and conversion rates
  • Technology to improve the sales and partner experiences, including, but not limited to, digital content management for sales and partner relationship management
  • Customer community and advocacy platforms
  • Voice-of-the-customer platform and research survey tools
  • Customer data platforms and marketing analytics dashboards

Managing the Budget and Resources

Beyond marketing and technical skills, the Marketing Specialist must be a skilled manager helping to shape direction, ensure proper resourcing and make adjustments based on key performance indicators (KPIs) by:

  • Performing zero-based budgeting for product marketing, aligning needs with performance goals, and justifying all planned expenses
  • Tracking spend against budget
  • Identifying and staffing product marketing resources, both generalists and specialists, to deliver on the established goals
  • Selecting and managing external agencies — creative, communications and technical — to complement existing skills and meet specific goals
  • Establishing and tracking KPIs for individual initiatives and programs, and for team performance against business goals

Experience and Education


  • Ten or more years of B2B technology marketing experience
  • A minimum of three to five years in cybersecurity marketing roles

Track record:

  • Ability to provide examples of go-to-market strategies and programs for prior roles in enterprise technology or service providers, with the corresponding impact to revenue contribution


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or business, or bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering


To support the wide range of responsibilities encompassed within this role, the candidates must possess an equally broad set of skills.

Excellent communication skills:

  • Must be able to listen keenly to both validate existing hypothesis and uncover new insights
  • Must be able to determine when to probe for additional information and when to push forward
  • Must be able to deliver clear, compelling, and articulate written and verbal communications

Creativity skills:

  • Has, ideally, a good eye for evaluating creative design options that will resonate with target buyers
  • Open to experimenting with innovative approaches, testing hypothesis, and establishing KPIs that can help determine effectiveness
  • Able to balance innovation against known and effective approaches

Analytical skills:

  • Natural inclination to measurement
  • Ability to identify signals and measures that can be incorporated into KPIs
  • Ability to analyze and interpret disparate datasets to derive insights
  • Intuition to challenge conclusions based solely on data patterns
  • Willingness to change direction based on results illustrated through analytics

Technical skills:

  • Knowledge or direct experience with the technologies in use or planned is a plus
  • Ability to drive development and consensus on technology investment goals
  • Ability to guide the selection, purchase, implementation, and support of marketing technologies
  • Ability to develop and deliver business cases for technology purchases
  • Experience implementing and optimizing various techniques in support of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Managerial skills:

  • Project planning and management
  • Build relationships with functions outside of product marketing, including corporate communications, demand generation, product management, engineering, sales, customer success, services, and IT
  • Budgeting experience
  • Experience in selecting and managing external resources

Leadership skills:

  • Consensus builder
  • Decisive decision maker
  • Persuasive influencer, with the ability to build enthusiasm for new plans