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InQuest is Closing the Gap on Email Security that is left open by Google Workspace & Microsoft ATP. By combining Deep File Inspection™ with RetroHunting™ capabilities, InQuest provides a turn-key solution for large businesses and enterprises to Prevent/Detect/Hunt for Threat and Data-Loss. 

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Best of all InQuest can integrate into any existing security stack in less than 15 minutes. 

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Stop file-borne breaches and incidents.

Files are the root of prevalent security breaches and incidents. Current detection and response solutions (XDR, NDR, EDR) are ineffective against file-borne attacks.

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A metal filing cabinet with multiple drawers. One drawer is open exposing files with docuemtns inside.
Files at rest
Physical manifestations of computer files flying from one computer screen to another.
Files in motion
Multiple office workers working at their computers.
Files in use

InQuest FDR completes your detection and response armor.


Why InQuest?

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Built for the most targeted network on the planet

Designed specifically to address best-in-class security solution shortcomings

World-class threat research, analysis, and conversion to definitive action

Community contribution - attacker TTPs, talks, open-source software, research collaboration


Some Customers

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Bank of Ghana


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Here's what our customers are saying

InQuest provides features such as reporting suspicious emails via InQuest banners. This allows users to directly report suspicious emails and not forward them to IT. In addition, InQuest's automated threat hunting feature frees up our time which allows us to focus on more important projects.

Agnel D' Silva, CTO at City of Danville, IL

Prior to having InQuest, file decompression, decoding and post-processing were all manual steps that were very time consuming for us. Now that we're using InQuest, all of those steps are automated and it has given us the ability to apply these steps to not only files we think are suspicious, but all files received by our users.

Malware Analyst, US Intelligence Community

Having the ability to search historically based on file content is like having our own internal VirusTotal Retrohunt.

Intrusion Analyst, US Department of Defense

The threat score calculation and assignment being performed by InQuest's engine makes it easy for us to sift through the legitimate sessions and focus on the real threats targeting our users.

Intrusion Analyst, US Department of Defense

InQuest provides a complete network forensics picture, from session details such as header information to file details such as the hash, size, type and even the raw file.

Incident Handler, US Intelligence Community

The data loss prevention coverage InQuest provides for data-in-transit is second to none.

Intrusion Analyst, US Department of Defense

The InQuest platform is unlike any other network-based security system we've seen. The performance of their native capture engine and analytic capabilities are unparalleled in terms of the throughput it can support and the number of files it can dissect and analyze.

Security Engineer, US Department of Defense

The third-party integrations with multiav and sandbox solutions are seamless. We have never had a security platform that made it so easy to automate all of our static and dynamic file analysis efforts.

Security Engineer, US Department of Defense

Over half of our customer’s traffic is encrypted and InQuest is the first security platform we’ve seen with a specific focus on using SSL related indicators of compromise to detect the bad guy’s infrastructure.

Intrusion Analyst, Managed Security Service Provider

The threat intelligence InQuest is able to gather and disseminate via their reputation and threat feeds has alerted us to numerous customer compromises. They are truly at the cutting edge when it comes to identifying threat actor infrastructure as it is deployed.

Intrusion Analyst, US Intelligence Community

It’s pretty amazing that they are able to support capturing, reassembling, processing, storing and inspecting content at speeds over 20Gb without dropping traffic all in a 1U box.

Security Engineer, Department of Defense

We’ve been customers for several years now and up until the recent acquisition of their appliances we were running their collectors on 4U boxes with flash storage cards. As a result of that acquisition, we went from having to deal with three different vendors to one vendor, reduced our rackspace footprint as well as our power consumption which all resulted in a huge cost savings for us. Kudos to InQuest!

Director of Information Security, E-Commerce Company

Through their data orchestration and workflow, they’ve made it really easy for us to establish repeatable workflows from within their UI. That has saved our SOC analysts a considerable amount of time and has enabled them to pivot through data from numerous systems all from a single pane of glass.

SOC Operations Lead, Department of Defense